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Sports To Consider When Trying To Get Into Shape As a Mother

Being a new mother has its own challenges. For starters, there’s a new little one who’s relying on you to be everything they need. Within the first few months, you’re dealing with a significant level of sleep deprivation. Plus, you might feel out of sorts because you don’t recognize your body anymore. Take the first few months to adjust to this new life. Once you receive clearance from your doctor, it might be nice to immerse yourself into sports culture. Even if you’re not familiar with sports, it’s a good idea to try new things in this new season of your life. Consider these ways you can use sports to lose weight, gain strength and feel excellent as a new mother.

1. Join a running group.
Sites like Meetup.com, Facebook and Instagram are great because you can find so many communities. Do a search to find out if there are any running groups in your area. Find out where they meet and do a little research to learn more about the environment. If you can find running groups for new mothers or new runners, that might be helpful for you as well.

2. Get on the basketball court.
If you’re not experienced with a basketball, it’s never too late to start. Get on the court and have fun dribbling the ball. It can help you develop more coordination. Practice your shooting drills as this will help you build strength in your arms. Do a few laps along the length of the court. Time yourself and work to beat your time each visit.

3. Take swimming lessons.
Swimming is such an excellent and gentle way to lose weight. The water is therapeutic and provides excellent resistance. Strength training for swimmers happens because of the water. Develop your endurance and strength by swimming laps in the pool. Work on your different techniques and learn new ways to develop speed.

4. Find a tennis partner.
If you have a friend who loves tennis and doesn’t mind indulging you, grab a tennis racquet and get on the court. When you keep your eyes on the ball, you’ll naturally get your heart rate up due to chasing the ball all over the court. Bring your water to stay hydrated through it all.

5. Attend CrossFit classes.
CrossFit classes will definitely challenge your body so it’s very important to get doctor’s permission first. This is a workout you can do a few times each week. As you learn to lift heavy weights, you’ll burn more calories long after your workout is over.