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Why Medals Need To Be Proudly Exposed?

You exerted enough effort to get this. You’ve dealt with various struggles to reach the winning spot. So, why not expose it to the public? It is not about bragging something you have, but bragging something you have worked hard for.

Medals are definitely an exciting way to acknowledge a job well done. It both gives academics and athletes a sense of fulfillment. On the other hand, allowing participants and employees to receive one gives them an idea that their hard work and involvement are appreciated a lot.

Of course, we all want to boost our medals but the question is how. It is not necessarily about getting your medal and showing it to each of your guests. That’s vulgar!

Here are some cool ways to do so.

Put in a jar

Cost-efficient, versatile application, and a good containing space. Jars are nearly available in numerous stores, with different colors and sizes. Mix matching them according to one’s own style or design is highly possible! Though these are breakable and fragile so extra careful of the placement is essential especially those who own a pet or with young kids.

…or frame it!

The most visible option; Owners are given more flexibility to design the layouts of their desire. The only downfall is that frames can take up space which is not a good idea for people whose space really matters.

Christmas tree decoration

Proudly show the medals by putting them on the Christmas tree. To make the decoration more interesting, tell every story of each medal – include all the pain and sweat! While it is a good idea, the size and space will be a major issue. Not to mention, the owner needs to look up a new way or new place to display their medals once the occasion ends.

Refrigerator magnet

Medals for refrigerator? Trying it will not hurt you anyway! The magnetic sheets must be adhesive on one side and a magnet on the other. Simply attach the medal to the magnetic sheet’s adhesive side with extra glue (if necessary). And then, presto!

Hang it on

There are various ways to hang the medals – through old bat or racquet, curtain rod, display racks, and medal hangers.

These are all flexible, unique, and low in cost. Plus, they can accommodate a lot of medals. For medal hangers, you can visit https://victoryhangers.com to get familiar with several items perfectly suited to your needs.