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Health Benefits of Playing Golf: Is Playing Golf Good for our Mind and Body?

Golfers know that a game of golf is both physically challenging and mentally stimulating. Golf as a sport may not be a considered as a physically challenging sport, but playing at least one round of golf means you are outside and moving your body around.

Walking 6 to 7 km, for many hours, and regularly using your brain in thinking the next strategy can be very challenging mentally for everyone. Experts and medical professional believe that playing golf has a lot of health benefits. There are studies from anecdotal and scientific sources stating that playing golf can be beneficial for our body. But the question is, “How good is it for our mind and body?”

Health benefits of playing golf

Heart health

Any form of exercise can help get your heart pump blood better to any parts of our body. Whether it is walking, squatting, swinging, or carrying your bags full of golf clubs, it increases your heart rate as well as your blood flow. It helps reduce the risk of getting diabetes or stroke.

It also has a positive effect on reducing cholesterol and maintains good blood pressure, especially if you combine it with a healthy lifestyle and a good diet. NGF or the Norwegian Golf Federation found out that when playing a full, 18-hole round of golf, players will have a heart rate of 100 to 120 beats per minute in average, playing two to five hours of golf.

Want to know about Norwegian Golf Federation or the International Golf Federation? Click here.

Can stimulate the brain

Doing daily walking regularly can strengthen the memory circuits of our brain. According to Clive Ballard, Alzheimer’s Society’s director of research, whether it is simple tasks as walking or jogging the golf course, keeping active physically is one of the best ways to keep your brain and your body healthy. By staying active all the time, your brain will have a stable and good supply of healthy blood, which is very important in keeping your brain function properly.

Helps loss weight

People need at least 10,000 steps every day to lose the minimum amount of weight. An 18-hole game of golf can easily exceed the required amount of levels to lose weight, especially if the player doesn’t use the golf cart. According to the Norwegian Golf Federation’s research projects (people playing golf in Norway, Germany, The United States, Sweden, and Japan), a regular male golfer burns at least 2,500 kCal playing an 18-hole round. Female golfers burn at least 1,500 kCal.

To compute calories you burn, visit https://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html.

Reduces stress

The best thing about walking on the golf course, in the fresh air, socializing with other people, as well as added mental challenge means the people that are playing golf releases “happy” hormones or endorphins. It is a natural mood-enhancing hormone that your brain secretes to make you relaxed and happy.

It improves sleep

Fresh air and exercise are a good combination in improving your sleep pattern or sleep in general. Walking in the golf course can give you a fun and strenuous workout. Exercising regularly can help people sleep faster and remain asleep much longer. Good sleep can improve your muscle repair and rest.

Minimizes the risk of getting injured

Golf is one of the sport or activity that is considered as low-impact in a sense that players walk on a gentle, soft rolling surface. A lot of mature players (players aging 40 years old and above) find the game attractive because they can burn a lot of calories with a low risk of getting sports injuries.

A lot of golf courses are now starting to put designing the course that is suitable for older people. If you want to find the best golf course ideal for you (check golfing sites like Golfmax review about golfing websites to give you more of an idea on the services they offer).

According to studies, golfers have a 5-year increase in life expectancy and 40% lower death rate. Golf has greater health benefits than most people seem to believe. `It also has a broader impact on our health and well-being than most people realized.

Considering most golf facilities appeals to people of all ages, golf is an excellent way to encourage young and old people to exercise. Not only that, New York Times runs a story about the health benefits of golf in 2015 stating that walking, in general, can soothe the mind and change the inner working of the brain that improves mental health.

Golf carts are not necessary when playing golf.

Using golf carts are very common when playing golf, and it is very easy to jump inside the cart rather than take a casual stroll. While it is true that golf carts are very useful regarding enticing the elderly and people with any form of disability to play and enjoy a game of golf, the extensive use of golf carts has contributed to the game’s clear image of being a sport for rich people.

As much as possible, golfers should avoid using golf carts and play the game on foot because it is meant to be played that way. Golf carts are a luxury, and it defeats the purpose of playing the game to gain health benefits.